50+ things to do when you're stuck at home

Hello my friends!

I hope y’all are staying safe and healthy during … these difficult times.

I wanted to write a blog post to – hopefully – cheer you up a little bit.

Because here we are, self-quarantining ourselves, or practicing social distancing and isolation, trying to figure out how to spend more time indoors.

As an introvert, this is pretty normal for me, I prefer to be at home and social distancing is kind of my vibe.

But I know that so many people don’t know how to deal with the free time on their hands.

I have already written two blog post about things we can do at home.

Free Things To Do When You’re Bored at home alone


What to do when you are bored and lazy af


Hopefully this blog post will help you find even more ways to enjoy being at home.

Here are more than 50 things I like to do when i'm stuck at home, which to be honest is a lot of the time.

Before doing anything else: get ready, wash your hair, put on comfy but cute clothes.

Here are my tips to get dressed in the morning even if you stay at home all day.

my post-apocalyptic style

1. Clean your environment

Clean and decluttered environment will make you feel better. Also, open your windows for some fresh air!

2. Listen to music

Try to find uplifting tunes as music impacts greatly on how you feel.

music to listen to when stuck at home

3. Make your flowers happy

Give them nutrition and water them.

4. Learn something new

We have Skillshare subscription and I love it.

5. Binge watch Youtube

No, don’t do that.

6. Declutter your clothes

Make 3 piles: keep, trash and donate

Need help with buying new clothes? 

Fear not, my friend! I am here to help:

How to look cute on budget

7. Catch up on studying

Just 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a day do wonders!

Are you feeling disgusted unmotivated?

Here are some tips and trick for you, from me. (Flowers to the right, chocolate to the left, please. Thank you.)

Be productive when studying at home

8. Read

Do you need help with this one, too? 

Gooosh, girl. 

Here. Advices. Take it.

What to read when the world is mad outside

9. Snack

But don’t eat trash. Eat veggies, try new ones.

10. Organize the apps and photos on your phone and laptop

11. Play with your pet

stuck at home? play with your pet

12. Get your body moving with the help of a Youtube video

13. Cook something nice

Being in quarantine is not boring at all. I just don’t understand why did this rice package contain 8967 rice while the other had only 8856.

14. Bake bread

15. Self-care treatment is always a great solution in the times of boredom

16. Plan new outfits

Put together new ways of wearing your existing clothing items.

Again, shameless self-promo: How to look cute on budget

17. Try a new hairstyle

Learn how to curl your hair.

what not to do when you are bored at home

18. Straighten your hair

19. Make a smoothie

Try new flavors.

20. Try to avoid online shopping

Order only necessities.  Let home delivery available for those who really need it.

Grow your own!

21. Paint your nails

Wash your hands and do a manicure first.

22. Get lost on Pinterest

Make a few new boards. Check out my account here.

23. Write a to-do list for later

24. Practice yoga and meditation

Try to think of NOthing – it is much harder than it sounds.

25. Declutter your skincare items.

Throw out all that expired.

26. Do your homework

27. Make a pumpkin spice latte at home

Who said it can’t be drunk in any seasons? You don’t have to hunt for pumpkin, I swear! Here is a good recipe!

28. Search for tiny spiders in your room

and give them a name. What is their occupation? Believe me, not all of them are web designers. 

29. Redecorate your room

Check out my printables! They are colorful and fun:

30. Create a collage


Wall Collage Kit Freebie

31. Put on fairylights

32. Open a window and stare outside.

Sing. If your neighbors are as cool as the Italians, they will sing along. If they’ll hate you, sorry!

33. Do not even daydream about going to the cinema.

34. Binge watch Netflix

Watch a superhero movie. Scrubs is perfect.

35. Learn how to make flatlays

36. Make a short film

I am thinking about something like this. If you are ready, don’t forget to show me! 

37. Play a board game

38. Dye your hair pink bc why not

39. Learn how to make aesthetic notes

My handwriting is awful. I can’t help it. But I try my best.

40. Try digital planning

Digital planning is much better for me with my ugly handwriting. But even if you are able to write beautifully, digital planning can be a new hobby for you.

41. Plan your next travels

My Mom promised me that after this pandemic, she will take me where my darts land on the map of Europe. We’ll have a 2-week trip behind the fridge.

Use a digital travel planner for planning.

42. Create wishlists

43. Create present lists for friends and family

44. Write a list of things you will do as soon as you get out

45. Do a try not to laugh challenge

There are a bunch of fail videos online.

46. Try TikTok

47. Make an interior design collage

Daydream about being able to afford West Elm.

Here are two of those collages that I made when I was bored last week: 

48. Build a house from fries or waffles and eat them

49. Talk to Siri

Try to discuss life with her.

50. Take photos of your pets

51. Learn how to make a cat eye with eyeliner

52. Take polaroid pictures

and decorate your room with them

53. Fall into the rabbit hole of social media

No. Don’t do that.

+ My Ultimate Advice: read my blog posts! 😉

I hope y’all are taking care of yourselves

Practice good hygiene, wash your hands well, keep your hands away from your face (especially your eyes, nose, mouth), practice social distancing and try to stay at home as often as you can.

+ Do not forget:

It is the first time in history when you can literally save the world by being a couch potato and binge watching Netflix. Don’t screw up!

Thank you very much for reading my post!

You deserve 10,000 awesome points.

For additional 5,000 points, share this post with your friends because if you share, you care and that is what motivates me.

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50 things to do when stuck at home

2 thoughts on “50+ things to do when you’re stuck at home”

  1. Hahahaha I love the pictures! They are all clever!! And I like this part “It is the first time in history when you can literally save the world by being a couch potato and binge watching Netflix. Don’t screw up!” Omg, so true. Thanks for this list of tips. It’s badly needed right now!!

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