Spring 2020 bucket list - what to do at home to ease your anxiety

Staycation at home spring 2020 to ease your anxiety

As I write this blog post, I am a little bit in disbelief how quickly turned our world into a frightening mess.

If you are also staying home because of the outbreak even though you are young and would probably be okay but don’t want to contribute to the spread, awesome! Me too.

Here are some things you can do to pass the time and to distract your attention.

Daily routine during Staycation

You may already be tired of this, but it is important for your healthy adaptation to stick to a daily schedule.

Get dressed in the morning, have your daily meals, keep your apartment in order.

Try to keep your schedule varied, and stick to it. It’s good to have a predictable schedule of days.

You may have more time now than when you are in the usual rut. Take advantage of this!

Plan your Staycation

Normally staycation means that you stay were you are, and do things you would normally do on vacation or on holiday, but locally. Instead of going somewhere, you spend time in your local area like a tourist. Since 2020 is so extra (an by extra I mean a shit-storm), right now staycation means you actually stay at home and not leaving it.

This blog post will help you avoiding to sit at home in a constant ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Choose experiences that will make it feel like a vacation.

  • Make a new, calming daily routine.
  • Do things that you’ve never done before.
  • You’ve done before, but briefly, and you’d like to dive into it deeper.

Setup Your Environment for a Staycation

Clean your Home

Engage in spring cleaning, clear that clutter, and donate non-junk household stuff. Household clutter can harbor infections, pollutants, and create unhygienic spaces.

Zero-Clutter Surfaces

Put everything away on your shelves, tables, kitchen countertops, and any other surfaces.

Add new textiles

Find new, fun patterns and color online. Check if you like global, eclectic styles with pops of color and if so, go for it!

Textiles from Morocco or Latin America can energize and brighten any space instantly. They might increase your mood and productivity, too.

add textiles to make your space more cozy

Add new pillows

One of the easiest way to make your surroundings more comfy and fun is to add a few, colorful pillows

Add a new rug

Buy a new, colorful, bright, thick new rug. It will elevate the energy of your room, making it more cozy. Walk a lot on it barefoot, lay on it while reading a good book.

Add a hammock

If you have the possibility, put a sitting hammock right in front of your windows. Put pillows in it to make it extra comfortable. It is a perfect place to enjoy the rays of sunshine, to drink a cup of tea, to read or listen to a podcast.

Add Color

Don’t be afraid of colors. Find new shades you like. Go for gorgeous blues, greens reds, orange, and yellows. Experiment with mix-and-matching patterns, colors, and textiles.

Use wall art.

Add plants 

They not only purify the air but also improve your mood, give positive energy, and make your home feel more homey. I love having plants everywhere.

Use candles

Light a candle in the morning, light another one before bed. Candles can create a relaxing environment fast.

Set up a workspace

Have an uncluttered, dedicated workspace if you are studying or working from home. 

Try to turn a well-lit space of your home to your workspace. Fill it with vibrant colors and plants, as they cultivate positive energy and stimulate creativity.

set up a workspace

Pimp up your balcony

Put a bench, a table, rugs, pillows on your balcony. Use string lights and candles. Hang a bunch of plants. Look for ideas on Pinterest.

Start gardening

A few pots or a balcony is enough!

Grow a good luck plant or bonsai tree

Plant herbs

Supercharge your immune system and beat seasons colds and flu with these herbs

  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Peppermint
  • Parsley
  • Thyme

Make a fairy garden

Make a zen sand garden

Make your bed every morning

Things to do during a staycation

Put on clothes that make you feel good, even if you are at home all day

Press flowers

Decorate a blank wall in your home

Picnic on the floor of your room while there is a sunbeam on it

Pop some popcorn and have a movie night

Make a board game with fun activities

Organize and color coordinate your closet.

Paint rocks

Declutter your digital space.

Look at old photos (compare family members)

Make a fort from blankets

Feed the birds

DIY new toys for your pets

Make homemade treats for your pets

Camp on the floor of your room – spend a night on a mattress, make roof from bedsheets and put some fairy lights on.

Make a foreign country themed day (watch Youtube videos, visit it of Google Earth, cook or order their ethnic food)

Build something. Build it out of Lego, waffle house, popsicle sticks, whatever you like

Make dream catchers

Roast marshmallows

Learn how to take amazing photographs

Take your DSLR off auto. Turn it to manual and play around. Learn what ISO and f-stop mean and how they affect your photos.

Learn how to edit those photographs like a professional

Learn how to doodle, or paint

Make new pet furnitures from card boxes

Cook something delicious and nourishing for your pets

Make homemade treats for your pets

Research topics that have always interested you

Organize your closet, plan outfits

Things to do during a staycation to calm your mind

Use this daily to do list I made for you. Download it with a right click.

daily to do list

Write down an action plan for your biggest goals

Make a plan for the day

Do one thing a day you have been putting off

Declutter your mind by writing a ‘brain dump’ journal

Watch a motivational Ted Talk

Use your brain – for more than just reading news, do logical puzzles

Find out your Myers Briggs personality type

Donate to animal shelters

Learn something for an hour (pick an online course)

Bring treats to supermarket workers

Learn a new skill

Write a positive review on Yelp!

Create a budget for the year

Start a 30 days of self care challenge

Make a video of your last trip. iMovie is great for this.

Listen to motivational podcasts

Help a neighbor who needs help – it will elevate your mood, too

Leave a five star review online

Comment something sweet on a blog post or Youtube video

Rest. Take a nap

Take a hot shower or run a bubble bath, make a home spa day

Play video games. But know when to stop.

Create a morning self care routine

Create a nighttime self care routine

Invest in a light therapy lamp.

Enjoy a cup of tea in your favorite chair

Use perfume

Use a pillow mist before bed

Call someone and really talk

Try out a self care subscription box

Search for constellations in the sky

Do some funny quizzes

Do a mani-pedi

Enjoy a piece of dark chocolate – it reduces stress!

Try different essential oils

Watch vlogs on Youtube

Gratitude – write down 3 things you appreciate in your life

Online shop and treat yourself to a small gift

Put together a feel-good movie list

Review the day in the evening – what worked, what did not?

Make a list for tomorrow – it helps to clear your mind before you go to sleep

Nourish your body during staycation

Eat fermented foods daily

Drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up

Bake healthy cookies and decorate them

Try a new recipe

Bake bread from scratch

Make a DIY ice-cream

Make homemade cocktails

Make homemade lemonades (try new flavors)

Meal prep freezer meals

Barbeque veggies

Try to make a meal with only locally sourced ingredients

Invent new dishes from the leftovers – Try to make something completely out of the norm with what you have!

Take vitamin D

Add more fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and proteins to your diet 

Let music heal your soul

Listen to Spotify’s new recommended songs for you

Make a playlist for various daily tasks

Make a ‘hygge’ playlist

Move your body during staycation

Do some stretching (video)

Do some at-home workouts

Don't forget to Socialize during Staycation

Don’t forget: keep yourself physically distant from others but no need to be socially distant so keep in touch with family and friends – technology will help!

In the last few days, I’ve been talking more on the phone than usual. That’s fine. Mental support, belonging to others is also very important in terms of stress reduction. So, whatever comes, spend some of your time talking, calling, chatting. Nurture your relationships.

Play board games with your friends, use FaceTime

Write an email or Facebook message to someone you haven’t heard about recently

While you can’t travel now, listen to other countries’ radio stations

Look for good, heartwarming news!

And remember: we are all together in this mess and we will cope with this situation.

Just hang on for a little.

Thank you for reading my post!

You desere 10,000 awesome points!

For additional 5,000 points, share this post with your friends because if you share, you care and that is what motivates me.

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