Peachy Pink Collage

pink collage feminine room decor

Peachy Pink Collage - girlish, feminine images designed to inspire all the girls!

Pink Collage kit is a collection of delicate, girly, soft room decor images created or edited by me.

This kit gives a peachy, pinkish, natural gentle vibe to any room.

pink collage dorm decor for girls

Peachy Pink Collage Kit contains 100 images that can be instantly download from Etsy.

Each images has a refined, ladylike vibe. Some of the photos have glitter elements on them.

Pink Collage kit is available as digital printable in two sizes, both ready to print in 300 dpi:

4×6 inches (10x15cm)


8.5X11 inches (22X28CM)

Peachy Pink Collage Kit feminine wall decor

Printable Collage Kit is fast and affordable way to change the vibe of your room in an instant.

Print the images at home or send them to a professional print shop.

I recommend using a thicker paper (160-250 gsm paper).

The 4×6 inches version can also be printed as photographs.

Snapfish, Shutterfly, and Walmart offer really great, cheap photo printing service.

Please note that the images may appear slightly different on different screens and in real life.

Pink Collage Kit - Peachy vibes pink orange blue
Pink Wall Collage Kit - Peachy Vibes

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If you have any questions feel free to send me a message through Etsy!

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