30+ tips to improve your morning routine

30+ tips for a productive morning routine

I used to be amazed by those who had time after waking up to enjoy their morning before leaving home.

I used to wake up late after hitting the snooze button numerous times, jumped out of bed and rushed through my morning until I reached the entrance of the school.

It was hard to change, it was hard to wake up earlier. But it is much better to have a sit-down breakfast, leisurely sip a tea, possibly watch a vlog on Youtube or listen to some energetic music.

In addition, now that the world is in quarantine and no-one leaves their home it is even more important to stick to a schedule. If you don’t, you will end up waking up at noon and going to sleep at 2 am. I know, I have been there and I didn’t enjoy it at all.

So, let’s avoid this unproductive laziness because we all deserve to have a great morning as it sets our mood for the rest of our day.

Here are some suggestions to improve your morning routine

The Night Before

A good morning starts the night before! So open your windows, let some fresh air in. Grab a notebook, your bullet journal or digital planner and plan out your next day. Try to get quality and enough sleep

Wake Up Earlier

It won’t be easy for sure… Hopefully, you could fall asleep the night before. If not, no worries. You are going to be able to fall asleep tonight! 😉  If you wake up earlier, you get more time to do joyful things.

Open your windows

Let some fresh air in again, possibly with some light.

Make Your Bed

It takes just a minute but it will make you feel productive! You achieved something already! Your room becomes more tidy and clean in an instant. Also, a made bed is not that inviting, you will be able to resist to crawl back for a quick nap…

Drink some water

During the night our body becomes dehydrated. So rinse your mouth with water and drink at least a glass of water or tea. Make sure it is not cold. If you can squeeze some lemon juice in it, even better!

For more ideas 💡  on what to drink in the mornings, check out my post:

Healthy breakfast drinks that wake you up

Listen to some music

Choose some tunes you like. I prefer more energizing music in the mornings.

Write a Journal

Jot down 3 things you would like to achieve today and read again the plans you made last night.

Stretch Your Body or Use a Foam Roll

Challenge yourself to stretch or move your body right after you get up. You’ll feel more mentally and physically ready for your day!

Do a feel-good, heart-pumping workout

If you feel enough power already, go for a complete workout!

Take a Shower

Help the water wash away your sleepiness. Use your favorite shower gel and a bath sponge (change it frequently and let it dry in the ☀️ ). Use a good smelling body lotion, too!

Shave or epilate your legs and underarms

You will feel much better, cleaner and confident afterward.

Wash your face and put on a face mask

After showering your pores are open and your skin absorbs the healing ingredients better.

Here are my DIY face mask ideas. They don’t contain any chemicals, just grab the ingredients from the kitchen.  😉

Get dressed!

Staying home can drain us. By getting dressed in the mornings, you can feel much more put together. 

Here are my tips why and how get dressed when staying at home

Make a tea or coffee

healthy breakfast teas for mornings

Drink your favorite or try new flavors.

Start a digital planner and plan your week ahead

The best ideas come in the mornings. You will feel much more productive if you make a plan for the week. 

Here are my tips on how to get started with a digital planner

Make a list of things you are grateful for

It is easy to get anxious or sad these days but look for the silver linings. Write down at least 3 things you are grateful for.

Here are some additional tips to ease your anxiety.

Here are some more if you need help to deal with stress.

Read a magazine

Try to read about good things. I recommend Mantramag, for example.

Listen to a podcast

It will distract your attention.

Make a healthy breakfast or smoothie

flat lay photography - smoothie bowl

Or make a smoothie bowl – two in one! 😉

If you are interested how to take flatlays like this one, check out my blog post here!

Watch the sunrise

If you are an expert in utilizing the mornings, watching the sunrise will calm your mind for sure.

Take your vitamins

I take vitamin D, vitamin C and beta-carotene

Create a vision board

It is a creative, mood-elevating activity that helps you to concentrate on positive things. Cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage or use a digital app like Procreate. I use it together with Photoshop and I love it! 💕

Water your plants

Plants not only purify your environment but also create a more natural, soothing atmosphere. I really don’t know what would I do if I didn’t have lush, green plants. 🌱

Use a candle

Scents are able to change our mood drastically. Light a candle that has your favorite scent.

Vacuum or mop the floor, clean all surfaces

Watching dust on your furniture and floor is distressing. Clean your environment quickly and it will help you feel better all-day

Feed your pets

I have two beautiful ragdoll cats and they love to eat and snack. We have a lot to learn from animals. They really know how to live for the moment.

Clean your fridge

Because an untidy fridge is a sad-sad thing.

Write a to-do list

Schedule and give yourself deadlines.

Do a brain challenge

I will make you more clever – or at least you will feel like that. I surely do.

Create your monthly budget

As we tend to order our necessities online it is easy to spend too much. Also, companies are so cute, they offer great discounts now. But unfortunately, if we do not pay attention, we go bankrupt with all those app-s, online courses, etc. we buy.

Color a coloring book

Listen to some music while you are doing it, don’t go for perfection just enjoy concentrating something soothing.

Play relaxing music

Use as a background sound. Together with the scent of the candle, they give you a nice atmosphere.

Plan a new interior design for your home

Try to look at your surroundings with fresh eyes. What are those things you like? What are those that you do not? Change it up a bit if you’d like to. Plan a new-looking room.

New rituals will bring new experiences to your mornings

Try to structure your morning routine, and add one or two things to your schedule every day. Do what feels good. Achieve little things every day.

Changing your morning routine is not easy. Be patient with yourself. If you have already got used to sleeping in, give yourself time to wake up earlier.

Make waking up easier by thinking about your “why”: why is it good for me if I wake up earlier? How much more can I achieve by starting my day earlier? How productive can I be if I wake up earlier? Will it lower my stress levels? Will I be able to go to bed earlier at night? Will I have more energy? Will it reduce the feeling of being unproductive? If your answers are positive, you will soon realize that waking up earlier and giving yourself time to enjoy mornings worth the pain of getting out of bed.

I hope you will like some of these ideas and adding them to your morning schedule will improve your life! 

If so, let me know!

Thank you for reading my post. You deserve 10,000 awesome points. For additional 5,000 points, share this post with your friends because if you share, you care and that is what motivates me.

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30 tips for a productive morning routine

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