Fitness and wellness planner - what is it and how to use it

Fitness and wellness digital planner

So, if you ask “Why should I use a fitness planner?”

Then I say: “A fitness and wellness planner is a goal-smashing weapon. A hammer. That’s why.”

It will help you keep you on track. It motivates you. Clears your thoughts and changes your mindset. It can change your life.

How? This post will show you.

A fitness planner will help you to clarify your fitness goals

Fitness planner - goal tracking

Clear goals are important. Because if you don’t have goals, you lack focus.

If you have goals, you can set the steps, the timeline and can measure your progress.

The before and after page will help you to visualize your improvements.

fitness planner - before and after

Measure your body and write your result in the before column and measure yourself again weekly later. It is easy and shows your results clearly. Don’t stress yourself about the results, though. If you stay persistent, the results will come. Try to focus on your health and use these measurements to stay on track.

The vision board helps a similar way, but still slightly different. It is easier to see the results on photos than on the scale. Try to take the photos in the same clothes every time.

What to track in a fitness planner - examples

Weekly plan

The weekly plan page gives an easy to see an overview of each week. You can track your meals, exercises and main weekly goals on one page.

Daily plan

The daily plan page gives you a clear overview of everything you need daily from detailed meal lists, grocery lists, water intake, and exercises.

Nutrition tabs

I am pretty sure you have heard it many times: abs are made in the kitchen.

Track calories, and nutritional data. If you are getting closer to your goal, great. If not, have a look at your logs and make some changes. Also, it is not advisable to jump into a strict diet. Plan ahead and make a healthy diet plan.

From weekly nutrition planner to best things to eat, recipes and intermittent fasting tracker, these pages will help you to stay on track with all your meals, calories, and macros.

Fitness tabs

Habit tracker, 30-day challenges, exercises, workouts per body parts – everything you need can be tracked here. Choose your favorite exercises, plan the repetitions and do it!

You can change everything whenever needed. Make the exercises harder a week later or make more repetitions. It depends on you, but the planner will motivate you as it shows the goals and results.

fitness planner - fitness tracking

Health tracker

Everything you need to keep track of your sleeping schedule, vitamins, period, etc.

Wellness planner

Morning and night routine schedule, skincare, body care, and gratitude – take good care of yourself, feel good and balanced.

Record how much you sleep, your energy levels, your mood each day and see what works best for you. How much sleep do you need? What changes have you made to your daily skincare routine and what are the results? Tracking these will reveal useful insights for you.

A fitness planner lets you to set milestones and stick to them

To achieve our goals we need a lot of dedication. It is a long process that takes time. The main benefit of a fitness planner is setting small goals and track them regularly.

Setting the “big” main role and trying to get there can be overwhelming. But if we can set smaller goals with timeframes, everything becomes more achievable. Just focus on your next goal and achieve your main goal step by step. Every little step will bring you closer and as you achieve the smaller milestones, you will stay motivated.

Visualizing achievements also helps you to stay on track. Watch yourself as you hit your goals, stay healthy and fit!

Record your workouts, look back if you can do more reps or lift a heavier weight now. Has your body fat % decreased? Have you gained more muscle? All of these stats will show you signs of your progress, and allows you to see if your training schedule and diet are giving you the desired effect. If they do, the planner will keep you motivated. If they do not, the planner will help you change that needs to be changed.

Do not delete that did not work, leave everything in the planner as looking back it will give you valuable information. You can always open a new planner after 12 weeks so you will have pages to continue your tracking. It will allow you to figure out what works best for you and helps you avoid stagnant routines and plateaus, set new goals.

As you can see using a fitness and wellness planner can help you to hold yourself accountable, refer back to your goals regularly. If you use the planner regularly it will help you achieve what you’re aiming for.

Wish you a good mood, good workouts, and yummy, healthy meals!

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