My frizzy hair

Hair-care routine for curly, frizzy hair

My hair started getting curlier recently.

I hate it.

Sometimes I just roll with it, sometimes I do whatever it takes to make it smooth and straight again.

Reasons why curly hair gets frizzy

After some Google-ing I found the reasons why does my curly hair get frizzy (on the other hand I still have no clue why did it start to curl recently…)

Curly-wavy hair tends to be drier

It tends to suck in moisture from air through its pores.

Things to do against frizzy hair

Main purpose: keep the good moisture in, the bad moisture out

  1. Hydrate your locks – Moisture as much as you can
  2. Wash your hair less often
  3. Shampoo less (do not use shampoo that contains sulfates, silicone and alcohol – always read the ingredients)
  4. Use lukewarm water.
  5. Always rinse with cold water, because heat opens up cuticles and makes them dry easily. Cold water seals the cuticles back, leaving in the moisture.
  6. Don’t rub hair with towel (use micro-fiber towel) Do not use a harsh fluffy towel that will disturb your curls and causes frizz.
  7. Use leave-in conditioner (sulfates-, silicone- and alcohol-free conditioner)
  8. Air dry to 70% dry hair.
  9. Blow-dry – use cold air as it locks in the moisture – use round brush if you want to straighten your hair
  10. Never brush your hair when it is wet! Use a wide tooth comb instead.
  11. Use hair oil after drying (sesame oil, organ oil, coconut oil are perfect – use only a tiny amount)
  12. Use humidity defying hairspray and hair wax on your baby hairs
  13. If you made a great job drying your hair but it is very humid outside, put your hair in a bun to protect the style. Let it down when you arrived to your destination.
  14. Try to sleep with your hair braided/twisted on both sides or put it in a high bun. It will prevent frizzy hair and gives some additional waves.
  15. Hair oil to brush or humidity defying hairspray (I rub 1-3 drops of oil between my palms and then apply it to the upper layers of my hair and to the ends)
  16. Use a few drops of hair oil or wax during a wet day (or just water if you don’t have anything with you)

Types of hair brushes I use to style my frizzy hair

  • Wide tooth comb – to detangle wet hair
  • Detangling brush – to brush knots out easily
  • Paddle brush – for rough drying (when it is too cold to airdry)
  • Metal round brush – for blowout
  • Bristle brush – to distribute my hair’s natural oils

Tips to style curly, frizzy hair

During summer I just make a bun on the top of my head and let it dry. It takes about forever to dry this way.

It is good for our hair if we let it air dry until at least 60-70% before styling so I try to let it dry all year round, but I do not put it in a bun and I shake my head upside down frequently to make drying a bit quicker.

Either way my hair will be wavy so I have two options: 1. Live with it. 2. Combat against it.

If I feel the strength in me to combat my curls and waves, I use my metal round brush to straighten it while using my hairdryer.

Haircare products to use for curly, frizzy hair

hair products for frizzy hair

Sometimes I use my Remington “Curl & Straight Confidence” curling and straightening iron on my completely dry hair, too.

Check out my post about how I do it.

When I really want to impress myself – or I am bored out of my mind – I curl it with my Lee Stafford Coco Loco Ceramic Hair Waver.

Natural oils I use to nourish curly, frizzy hair

I massage some oil in my hair at least once a week before washing it. I let the oil in my hair for a few hours.

My favorite oils:

  • sesame oil
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil

You can add some peppermint, rosemary oil to the mixture.

Be sure to wash your hair – especially your scalp – well with shampoo and warm water.

DIY hair masks I use to nourish my hair

After applying a mask on your hair, put a plastic bag or shower cap on your head, wrap a towel around it to keep it warm and let the mixture do its job for a few hours.

Lime + coconut

lime juice – 1 lime

coconut milk – 1 can

It is great also against hair loss.

Use a sulfates/alcohol free shampoo and conditioner.

Yoghurt + honey

Plain yogurt – lactic acid for smoothing

honey – for moisture

Apply the mixture on your hair (eat the rest 😃 )

Leave it on for 2 hours.

Use a sulfates/alcohol free shampoo and conditioner.

Pimp up your conditioner

Add some oil (sesame/olive/coconut to your daily (organic) conditioner and leave it in your hair for about an hour.

Castor oil

Use castor oil on spots where you would like to enhance hair growth.

This oil is hard to wash out, so I use it only on a few spots near my hairline.

Coconut oil

  • coconut oil + honey = against damaged hair
  • coconut oil + egg yolk = as protein treatment
  • coconut oil + lemon juice = to clean your scalp

These haircare and hairstyle methods helped me recently. I feel my hair healthy, though I am still not happy with its curling. I will have to get used to it, I’m afraid.

Do you have dry, frizzy hair? If so, what do you use to treat it?

Thank you so much for reading my post!

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K, bye!

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frizzy curly hair routine tips and tricks

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