Best gifts for Stranger Things fans

Best gifts for Stranger Things Fans

Welcome to the Upside Down! 

If you are looking for gifts for Stranger Things fans, Welcome!

This post will definitely help you to find a great present for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasions. 

Stranger Things, this science fiction horror TV series on Netflix is a big hit among teenagers worldwide. It has 3 seasons already and the 4th is coming soon.

The series is set in the 1980s and several details were inspired by the pop culture and films of the decade ( works of Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, video games, etc.).

So if you are wondering what to buy for a Stranger Thing fan, here is a list of 20+ ideas handpicked by me, a true Stranger Things fan. 

Best game and toy gifts for Stranger Things fans

Funko Pop figures

These are collectibles! Not toys, all right?! 😉 

stranger things gifts: Funko pop figures

How frickin’ cute are these??? Personally I don’t have any Stranger Things Funko Pop figures, but I do have some other (Star Trek, Deadpool, Alien, Predator etc.) and I love them.

Unfortunately they are very pricey where I live and I just couldn’t choose just a few of them.

Buying 10+ figures is just out of our possibilities right now.

But if I had these, I would definitely store them on a shelf where the normal ones would stand on the shelf itself and the figures from the Upside Down would hang… you know: upside down from the bottom of the shelf right below the normal version. Like above on the image I photoshoped.

Also, some random one would just hang around in my room upside down, Bitchin’!

Yep, I would need waaaay more than 10 figures…


Classic yet unconventional: this set can be flipped to switch between the Upside Down and the real world.

While young children can actually play with this, I think it is more of a collectible, just like the Funko Pop figures.

For more information, check it out on the LEGO website

Retro Monopoly

Retro Monopoly: best gift for a Stranger Thins fan

Themed Monopoly games are so fun. They are much cooler than the original one, in my honest opinion.

I have a Star Trek themed one but I also liked the Jurassic Park edition. This monopoly seems to be even better as it looks so retro.

Check it out here.

Dungeons & Dragons

Because who wouldn’t like to try this game???

Check it out here.

Mirliton Classic Demogorgon figure

Best gifts for Stranger Things fans: Demogorgon figure

Because slapping it on the boardgame gives emphasis. 😉 

See? Told you!

Check it out here.

Let the game begin!

Best fashion gifts for Stranger Things fans

Beach towel Beachin’ Bitchin’

Bitchin' beach towel

To bring the ST atmosphere to the beach.

Check this out here

Stranger Things Backpack

This backpack looks cool and its Stranger Thing-ness doesn’t shout at our face which is great. It is much more subtle than the other available backpacks with huge letters.

Check it out here.

Hawkins t-shirt

Stranger Things high school t-shirt

Check out this t-shirt with a classic high school vibe here

Hawkins Starcourt T-shirt

Hawking Starcourt Mall T-shirt gift for a Stranger Things fan

Check it out here.

Eleven's 80’s top

Eleven's t-shirt

You can find this colorful retro shirt here.

Stuck in Upside Down t-shirt

This shirt can be found here.

Stuck in the Upside Down t-shirt gift for a stranger things fan

Hawkins Scoops Ahoy

great present for a Stranger Things fan: Scoops Ahoy t-shirt

You can find this shirt here.

Stranger Things limited edition Nike shoes

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have include these ones because they are mostly unavailable. But they are so cooooool! And what if you are lucky and able to catch one. Who knows?

Also, their prices are also kind of… how much??? 

But hey, they are unique!

So if you are a ST fan yourself, ask your parents nicely!


Stranger Thins socks for fans chibi

When those Nikes are just not viable options.

Ugly Christmas Pullover

Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Stranger Things

Because Christmas parties are not the same without an ugly sweatshirt, right? 😉 

Check it out here.

Best home decor, stationary gifts for Stranger Things fans

Lights Wall decor

Of course no Stranger Things themed home decor list can begin with anything else!  😉 

Stranger things wall decor lights: perfect gift for Stranger Things fans

Check out this wall decor here and also here and here

See? It’s iconic. A must for all Stranger Things fans. Great to sleep under it’s warm tones. 😉 

Joyce Birthday Card

Stranger Things birthday card

It really cracked me up when I first saw it. 

Check it out here.


This doormat can be found here and this one is cool, too.

Stranger Things – Where’s Barb? Book

wheres-barb-book: a perfect gift for a stranger things fan

Everyone loves Barb. It still hurt. Let’s look for her, let’s never give up! 

Christmas ornament

Stranger Things Christmas ornament

Sure, it is not a good present for a birthday as I promised above but for Christmas it is a perfect gift for a Stranger Things fan. Just look at it! It’s beautiful. 

You can check it out here.

Stranger Things Demogorgon sprinkler

Stranger Things garden sprinkler

Oh, I wish we had a garden…

This huge-huuuuge sprinkler elevates the craziness of every garden party for sure. 

If your Stranger Things fan is lucky enough to have a garden, this is a perfect present for her/him. Check it out here.

Mug with an iconic Hopper quote

Mornings are for coffee and contemplation mug - best gift for a Stranger things fan

This mug is a perfect Stranger Things present for those who cannot start their day without coffee. 

You can check it out here.

Polaroid camera and film

Stranger Things polaroid camera and film

A retro looking polaroid camera with Stranger Things themed details and film. What not to love about it?

Check them out here and here.

Stranger Things stickers

Cheap and easy way to pimp up anything with some Stranger Things vibe.

These were my recommendations as gifts for Stranger Things fans. Did you like them?

Also: did you love the series? Have you already seen it at all?

I definitely did love it.

My favorite parts were those that happened in the Upside Down.

My favorite character was the Demogorgon because as he turned up, the story became thrilling. Also, I laughed at Steve Harrington a lot. In the first season I wanted to kill him with a teaspoon, but later he changed so much. I also loved Alexei.

My Mom’s favorite was:

😂 😂 😂  No. Hopper.


Who knows. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. 🤭 

Thank you for reading my post, you deserve 10,000 awesome points! 

k, bye!

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Best gifts for Stranger Things fans

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2 thoughts on “Best gifts for Stranger Things fans”

  1. There are so many things here I want for myself! Can I justify buying the Lego for my 4 y.o.? Probably not… but the T-shirts and sneakers could definitely find a place in my wardrobe. I will have to see who I can gift some of these for Xmas.

    1. Anna - The Life Update

      It is great to hear, Rachael! 🙂 Honestly, I am also too old to play with Lego but that set is so cool, I wouldn’t mind having one! 🙂

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