perfect gifts for homebodies

How to spot a homebody?

You: “What are your plans for the weekend? Would you like to go out?”

Answer: “Emm… Nothing… but I will be unavailable”

(aka Netflix got new stuff – like, really good stuff. Watching the whole series of Santa Clarita Diet on a weekend? Sure! No problem!)

it's too peopley outside

If this has already happened between you and your friend several times, guessing that he/she is a homebody is your best bet.

How do I know? Because I am definitely a homebody.

perfect gifts for homebodies

Homebodies are not boring people! They just enjoy the joys of home life, comfortable spaces where they can relax and get creative.

For example, I love lifestyle stuff, stationaries, cozy stuff, home decor.

There are a bunch of things we can do at home (that we just can not do other places).

Homebodies are also not loners (maybe some are, but not all, I am the living proof)!

For example, partying at home is a great thing! Card games, board games, chit-chat, cooking, baking, tapas-party, watching Netflix with friends and family are all great programs for a homebody!

I would also really enjoy pool parties at home if we had a pool or at least a garden and an inflatable kid pool.

I would like to throw themed parties like a Stranger Things party or a murder mystery party but I don’t have enough geek friends for these. It’s a pity.

In this post, I gathered together a bunch of things that are perfect gifts for homebodies.

What are the best gifts for homebodies?

Cozy clothing gifts for homebody teens

Oversized Hoodie Blanket

This hoodie blanket seems to be so comfy and cozy! It is perfect for lounging around the house in fall and winter.

Dakota Water Resistant Slipper

ugg slippers

If I lived in a big house, I would definitely have a slipper-like this one. (And there wouldn’t be any problem with its price if I lived in a big house. 😉 )

Crossover Faux Fur Slippers

pink slipper

Everything that is flurry and soft is perfect for running around at home. These slippers are so beautiful, too!

Cozy Lined Crew Socks

best present for a homebody: fuzzy socks!

These socks are perfect for those who live in an apartment and do not need slippers at home.

Teddy Funnel Neck Pullover Jacket

fuzzy cozy sweather for homebodies

Teddy fur with kangaroo pocket: a perfect, cozy combination.

I tend to collect tiny whatnots in my pullover’s kangaroo pocket. It’s always full. But at least everything I need (and even those that I definitely do not need) is at hand.

High Waist Extreme Cozy Leggings

High waisted and cozy leggings? Perfect for chillin’ at home!

Sweater Weather Scrunchie

When we are at home it is easy to chill around the house without properly combing our hair and doing something with it to avoid looking like a cavewoman. With this scrunchie, we can avoid turning into a house monster.

Faux Fur Scrunchie

No words needed. Not a single one.

Probably I would wear these on my wrist more often than in my hair because it is so soft it must be stroked constantly.

Cute little gifts for the homes of homebody teens

Oil Diffuser and scented candles

Nothing can lift our spirits better than scents. Just a few drops of essential oil or a scented candle and the room becomes even cozier.

Cinema Light Box

Quotes are really a thing now! The letters are easily changeable so writing our quote of the week (or even day) is a breeze. This lightbox also gives some extra light and warm to selves and desks. It can be put in a darker corner and voilà! Pop of light and encouragement!

Felt Letter Sign

Quotes again! 🙂 I’ve told you that they are in fashion. This sign can add a little pop of color to a room or a cozy warm feel if you decide to buy it in grey just like I did. I really love mine.

String lights Photo Clip Lights

String lights combine light with color and fun. What not to love about them?

Decorating any room is so easy with them. There are so many styles to choose from! I have several and I love them all.

Wire Wall Grid

I don’t actually own a wall grid. Mine stands on its leg, but it is kinda same.

A wall grid is better because it saves place on a shelf and adds some decoration to an otherwise empty space.

Many things can be added to a wire grid: accessories, photos, polaroids, any clip-on peewees really.

Cozy Bedding

light bedding great gift for a homebody

New bedding gives a whole new feel to a room so every season deserves a new one.

Light color (I love plain white or light blue or pink) for warmer months and darker, cozier for colder ones.

I don’t really like patterns because depending on the other patterns in the room it can make the look overwhelming.  The only exception is the Morocco style that I really love. But no small flowers, stripes, figures please! 😊 


Polaroids can make the room decor personal in a blink of an eye. They also great for small rooms or wall parts because they barely take up any space.

Photos of summer vacations, family members (including pets!), friends can cover the wall telling a whole story if organized right. Some other pictures, printables, quotes can be also added to the collage.

Chalkboard Wall

I’ve always wanted a chalkboard wall but I have never had a chance to actually have one. There is not enough free space in my room for one. Pinterest is full of inspiration on this one, too!

Record Player

Retro but in fashion. What is that?

A record player!

And it is seriously cute, too.

My mom and grandma have a vinyl collection so we should purchase a player soon!

Putting a record on a player seems to be a much different experience than turning on Spotify. Not better, or worse, but definitely different.

Those huge vinyl records look fab, too! Some of the nicest ones could be put on a shelf above the player.

Games that spice up any party at a homebody teen

Would You Rather? book

This book is full of funny “would you rather” questions and is a perfect game to play with family and friends. Great conversion starter, too! Just be sure to play it with funny and relaxed people and answer the questions in detail, not just with one word, that is lame.

What Are The Odds? Card Game

Truth or dare in a small card game. Seems to be fun. 🙂 Touchy people should avoid this game.

Kids Against Maturity: Card Game

A party game where “being the worst is the best”.

Word combinations make this game silly and funny.

Here is another version of the same concept, it seems to be funny, too:

Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids, Families and Mischief Makers

Again: this game is also not to be played with funny people who can equally laugh at themselves and others without being offending.

Good luck finding at least 3! 😂

I only have my mom who is chill, funny and sarcastic enough to play any of these games.

Maybe your homebody is luckier. There are at least two of you: you and your homebody you are trying to find a great present, right? Be that friend who adds laugh and fun to the life of a homebody and you will have a friend for life.

Being a homebody is not a negative thing, and homebodies are not antisocial, depressed or unhappy.

Especially after getting some of the above-mentioned homebody-approved gifts! 😉

Thank you for reading my post! You get 10,000 awesome points! 


best gifts for homebodies

For additional 5,000 points, share this post with your friends because if you share, you care and that is what motivates me.

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  1. This is such a cute and creative blog 🙂 It’s something I would’ve never thought of, but I now see that it’s needed – I’m a homebody myself! Thanks for sharing!

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