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IPad with digital planner on a table

Are you interested in digital planning? Honesty, I fell in love with it.

And this love I have is a mad, deep, obsessive kind of love.

I was really into paper planning, doodling and scrapbooking.

But for me it wasn’t realistic to use it on a day-to-day basis. I just couldn’t stick to it, I was just randomly starting and ending it over and over again.

Then after I have been using my iPad and Goodnotes, I stumbled upon digital planning and became super pumped.

So pumped that I have even designed a few for myself. And I am sure that I am not done with creating new ones…

What is digital planning?

Digital planning means you recreate those pretty planners  the things that we love, we shop for, that we spend a lot of money on, we take home and use them for about a week or so – digitally, to be used on an iPad (or something like that).

I used a bunch of things before switching to digital planning:

pens, washi tapes, stickers, it was overwhelming and expensive

Here is a page of my planner I made for school. Cool, right? 🙂

Is digital planning worth its price?

I can’t say digital planning is cheaper than planning in a traditional notebook, because hey, you need an iPad and a stylus (I use Apple Pencil 1). These are hell of expensive, for sure.

But they are multifunctional, can be used for a bunch of tasks, not just planning.

Planning with them is only and additional thing I do with them and planning wasn’t the main reason we bought them. But I am so happy now that I can plan digitally.

Digital planning helped me enormously. Using a paper version is tedious, with all that writing, drawing, washi taping. Digitally decorating takes just a few touches.

I will always have a special place in my heart for pen and paper, but I can no longer deny the major convenience and ease of digital planning — not to mention all of the money I will save:

Digital planning means no more spending money on stickers that you can only use once. Digital stickers are simply PNG images that you can use over and over again.


Why is it good to switch to Digital Planning?

Why is digital planning better than paper notebooks?

1. ease of transport

Taking your digital planner with you is an effortless task. You can plan anywhere as your devices sync automatically. Use your iPad at home and make small adjustments on the go on your iPhone.

Using a digital planner in Goodnotes (the app that I have and highly recommend) have a huge advantage over paper as it is not only more portable and convenient, but you’ll rarely, if ever, forget your phone. Your digital tools will always be with you.


2. everything is right at your fingertip

You can say goodbye to your uncountable number of colored pencils and highlighters. With a digital planner unlimited types of pens, brushes, highlighters are at your fingertips in every color of the world.

3. a digital planner is very easily customizable

Move pages, insert sheets, stickers, delete anything you don’t need. On your iPad you can have multiple planners: student planner, financial planner, travel planner, fitness and wellness planner. All in one folder.

You can duplicate PDF any page in your app. You don’t need to be afraid, the hyperlinks will be copied as well.

You can also insert pages between the PDF templates.


4. digital planners are easy to keep clean

If you made a mistake or you need to change something, just erase and rewrite. There is no need to scribble out dates or cram to-do lists into the margins or between lines.

Also, my handwriting is awful.

I was constantly ripping out pages because I simply did’t like my handwriting.

Mistakes make me go crazy, too.

Have you ever been working really hard on a paper planner page and either misspelled something, messed up your handwriting, or written something in the wrong place?

In a paper planner covering mistakes with stickers or washi tapes is tedious. With digital planners erasing is a breeze.

Just delete and redo. Inserted in the wrong place? No problem: copy and paste it to the correct section of your planner!

Cancelled plans need to be rescheduled? Move it anywhere you want.

5. Access all pages in a second

All pages of a digital planner are easy to access through hyperlinks. Click the link and you are at the desired destination. Works like magic. 🙂

Everything you need is in one place so if you are also a scrapbooker by heart, you will enjoy the possibilities:

add pictures – camera roll, edit or crop: Done.

insert documents

add stickers – make your own stickers or buy some on Etsy

doodle on it

write a journal

write to-do lists

use trackers

use themed planners (such as a Travel Planner, Financial Planner, Student Planner, Fitness and Wellness planner)

6. digital planning is the perfect mix

Paper planning is great for memory retention and using your creativity. Digital apps are great to schedule programs and productivity.

A digital planner is a perfect mix: it merges the ability of hand writing and doodling with the effectiveness of scheduling digitally.

*digital planning experience is close to a pen and paper experience*

7. cost effective

Everything only has to be purchased once and are reusable infinite number of times.

Note: if you already have an iPad (or preferred choice of a tablet) and Apple Pencil (or other stylus)

Popular and nice-looking paper planners are expensive. You also keep buying them each year. Pretty sure that you will also buy a bunch of stickers, new pen(s), higlighter(s) and washi tape(s). It adds up really quickly.

On the other hand, you can literally use one single planner forever (if you choose an undated one, of course). You might want to buy a new one anyway, but you do not have to. Also, it is very easy to change its cover.

Re-use planner year to year – buy once and reuse (if undated)

8. have I already mentioned STICKERS?

Reusable, cheap stickers that are instantly useable after downloading?

You just open up your planner, navigate to the page you want to add the sticker and “import as an image” – it takes 5 seconds.

There is nothing more annoying than ordering something and then having to wait for it to arrive. I want it NOW.

That’s the beauty of digital planners and digital downloads in general.

Make your payment, and in a few seconds you are ready to use them!

Also, you can make your own stickers, too! It is fun and costs nothing.

My daily school planner before filling out and decorating

So what about you?

Have you already started to use a digital planner?

Are you interested in it?

Because if you are, then hold tight.

More posts are coming soon.

Thank you for reading my post!

You get 1,0000 awesome points!

For additional 5,000 points, share this post with your friends because if you share, you care and that is what motivates me.

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Get started with digital planning

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