Get dressed! Tips for working at home during self-isolation

get dressed when working from home in self-isolation

There were lucky people among us who had worked from home before self-isolation time, but most of us have just found themselves at home. There are a bunch of things that have changed recently.

One of them is the question of whether I should get dressed up or stay in my pajamas all day long.

It doesn’t seem to be an important thing. At first glance it rather a first world problem. Maybe also at second glance…

But these days there is no real difference between Sundays and Mondays, working or studying and relaxing.

It is easy to stay up until 1 AM and not to wake up until 11 AM. But after a few days or weeks in, we will definitely realize that our days are getting more and more unproductive.

There are several things we can do to avoid it, one of them is dressing up in the mornings and ditch our PJs until evening.

Should You Dress Up For Studying and Work If You're Staying At Home?

I am sure you have also experienced that different clothing impacts differently on your mood.

Social Psychological and Personality Science measured in their 2015 study how people performed on various cognitive tests when they dressed in casual and formal clothing. Those who dressed in formal, had increased abstract thinking and their performance was also improved.

What should I wear at home all day?

Basics + mood enhancing pieces = the perfect work from home outfits that are comfy and cute

Dress for your mood

The great thing about fashion is that you can show your personality by the pieces you put together. The great thing about staying at home is that you can do and wear whatever you want. Combining these two facts gives you instant success.

Switch up your look based on your current mood. Switch up your look to try out new outfits before showing it to the world. Get used to new outfit ideas, try to be more adventurous. It will bring fun, new experiences to your days for sure. You can also take a few selfies or flatlays with your new items.

Choose colors to boost your mood

If you feel sad, dressing up can make you feel more put together.

Colors can boost your mood greatly. Colors can make a world of difference in how you feel.

Use warm tones like yellow, orange, red if you need some pushing as these colors are connected to activity and adrenaline.

Use cool tones like greens, blues if you would like to relax.

Of course, there is no need to dress in orange from head to toe. Use some accessories like a pair of socks, a headband or a bracelet.

Combine a neutral top or blue jeans with a vibrant belt, flip-flops or nail color.

Basics are super easy to dress up or down, they are versatile and it is easy to wear them over and over again in new ways.

Dressing Better Equals Feeling Better

All of us are affected by the clothing we wear. Clothing affects our perception of ourselves. That is why the right pieces can help us perform better – even on a test!

But one of the luxuries of working from home is that we really can wear whatever we want. At home “getting dressed” is not equal to the workplace and school dress codes.

PJs are not your daytime friends

Pajamas are for sleeping. Changing out your PJs will change your mindset.

We associate PJs with sleeping so changing to something different but still comfortable will help you with your mentality from “I can nap anytime – just for 20 minutes, I swear” to “I’m currently working, do not disturb”

The solution: dress in clothes that hit the sweet spot between PJs and regular school-wear/workwear.

Also, as most of us are in quarantine right now, home delivery is frequent. So dress up to open the door for the newest Amazon delivery.

Let me provide some comfy work from home clothing inspiration.

Work from home wardrobe essentials

Basics Are Your Friends

Cozy but sophisticated basics are the best bets.

Stretch-fit jeans or leggings with soft knit shirts and soft sweaters are perfect bases.

Opt for soft, feel-good textures because there is no need to feel uncomfortable.


My go-to style. Athleisure items are fashionable, but who cares if you are spending your time at home anyway.

You can try wearing matching sets, too. Nothing is too much if you feel good in them.

Fun t-shirts

Elevate your mood with a cool, colorful t-shirt.

One-piece can change the whole vibe of your outfit.

Cozy layers

cozy layered boho outfit for home

It is currently spring which means if I open the window it can get pretty cool especially for sitting at my desk. But I hate closing the windows, so from early spring they are open when I am awake.

I wear a thick knitted cardigan or a fleece jacket when I am cold.

Comfortable pants

While it must be fun to dress only from the waist up during a Zoom call, what if you need to get up and bring a notebook to your table? Well, it would be fun – but not for you but your classmates/workmates.

Sweatpants, leggings or if you are already sick of those, a comfy pair of denim is perfect at-home companions. They are presentable but also comfy enough to wear them while you sit on the couch with your laptop.

Cozy Slippers

Soft slippers are great for walking around the house and because they are fashionable, it is easy to find one that you like.

Favorite pieces

We all have a few favorite pieces. I love my hoodie, for example. When I get creative homework like drawing, I just pull on the hood, put on my headphones and shut out the surroundings.

When I have to concentrate, I like to wear a very soft sweater. Mine has a loose string, and usually I play with that – without even realizing. Somehow it helps me to concentrate.

Tropical vibe

This is my ideal home outfit.

The formula is simple: if I can’t go on a vacation, I bring vacation vibe to home.


Wear your favorite tiny jewelry pieces at home it will feel more like put together, complete and not so much like a slob. They will help you feel a little more on top of things.


It doesn’t matter if nobody else can smell it. You can. And if you are like me, a good smelling perfume will put you in a better mood.

Maintain A Simple Beauty Routine

Wearing my hair in the same bun every day until it is time to wash my it, and then start it all over again can get depressing after a while.

Try to wear your hair in a braid or a ponytail.

As everyone is studying and working from home at the moment, chances are you are going to have video lessons or conference calls.

Staying at home in self-isolation is the perfect time to let your skin and hair rest a bit.

Use dry shampoo, try not to wash your hair often, avoid heat when drying. Use split end serums, hair masks and let your hair dry by itself.

Find the fine line between work and life

So, cozy clothing is definitely the perk of the at-home lifestyle. But it has so many levels.

But remember, you really do not need to break the bank to look cute. You can do that on budget, too. Here are my tips: 

Broke girls shopping guide to look cute on budget

Do what you like the most, wear clothes that help you become productive. We will need to stay home for a while, let’s not sink into depression and try to avoid becoming a couch potato.

Getting dressed is also a great way to improve your mornings!

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