wall collage kit 8.5x11 inches

How to Decorate your Room with a Wall Collage Kit

A huge wall collage kit is a dramatic piece of artwork. It draws all the attention to itself immediately.

Create a gallery wall, by mixing bold and subtle pieces that you like and that work in combination.

Build your room around this dramatic piece of artwork.

Creating a feature wall is an inexpensive way to add drama to your room.

Like any design project, gallery walls are in danger of spinning out of control if they’re not watched over by an editorial eye.

At the same time, going too tame leaves you with something visually uninspiring.

A wall collage doesn’t like competition. In a room that is full of colorful whatnots the overall image will certainly be too much for most of us.

A room, decorated with a wall collage kit from bottom to top, needs some breathing room – walls painted with one color on its sides, matching or minimalist furniture, greenery, lights.

Beige, Dreamy Collage Kit

Color plays a key role in almost every aspect of design. Think of color first as it will most likely be the main line that ties all of your different elements together.

Think thematically. Displays that have a central concept always look a bit tighter and more put together than those that don’t.

Add your personality

fashion collage kit
Fashion Collage Kit

Your bedroom is your haven from the stresses of the world. Choose styles, colors, designs, furniture and art that matter to you, that inspires you.

The design that speaks to you will also inspire you from morning to evening.

It can help you waking up easier as it shows the nicest things of the world, feelings that worth thriving for. Every morning is the start of a new beginning and seeing things that make you calm but also inspired will help you to kick the days off.

During the day it can motivate you to create, design and daydream, or to work for your dreams. Listen to some good music, grab a planner or just a piece of paper and jot down your dream, goals. Create schedules. Create artworks.

In the evenings when you are laying in your bed, looking at images that you love can help you gather your thoughts.

Positive, inspirational quotes - Positivity Collage Kit

Never be afraid to show your personality!

Make it fun, beautiful, unique and authentically you.

Where to put wall collage prints

Wherever you put the wall collage, it will become the focus point of the room. So put it on a wall that needs enhancement. It can be anywhere: the wall behind your desk, or behind your couch or bed.

Wall collages can also make the room seem bigger.

But it is sure that using a wall collage that you love will turn your room a creative, inspirational space in an instant, giving it an aesthetic touch. So choose wisely:

How to choose wall collage kit

Each and every wall collages have a different vibe.

Let’s see some examples of how can mixed colors, patterns, photographs and quotes create a unique style and statement.

Peachy vibes - Wall Collage Kit

Pink Wall Collage Kit - Peachy Vibes
Pink Collage Kit - Peachy vibes pink orange blue

Summer vibes - Wall Collage Kit

Summer Vibes Collage Kit
Summer Vibes Collage Kit

New York vibes - Wall Collage Kit

New York City Vibes Collage Kit

Ocean and the City - Wall Collage Kit

Wall Collage Kit - ocean and the city
Ocean and the city wall collage kit

VSCO vibes - Wall Collage Kit

Wall Collage Kit - VSCO vibes
Wall Collage Kit - VSCO vibes

Beige Dreamy Wall Collage Kit

Dreamy Beige Collage Kit 4x6 inches

How to print wall art

All of my prints are digital downloads. This means after you place an order you will receive the high resolution files immediately.

Once you have these files I recommend you save it somewhere (your desktop, an external drive, etc.).

You can also alter the files by cropping or tweaking the coloring if you prefer.

You can print your purchased files as many times as you like. Although I ask that you do not resell the designs. I also kindly ask that you do not share the files themselves.

You can print the file anywhere you choose, including at home if you have a quality printer.

Some options for 8.5×11 inches collage kits:

– FedEx Office
– Staples
– Costco / Sam’s Club
– Vista Print
– Artifact Uprising
– Check local printers in your area

4×6 inches collage kits can be printed at Shutterfly or Snapfish cheaply.

How to arrange wall collage images

There is absolutely no rule in arranging a wall collage.

You can over- and underlay them, or put them right next to each other. Print them with white borders to give some more enhancement to the image itself or without it so they blend together effortlessly.

You can frame some of them to give the collage some dimension.

Print them in different sizes (take the resolution into consideration, 8.5 X11 inch is the optimal biggest size of my collages, the smaller version of the kits should be printed in 4×6).

You can arrange as you like or group together those that share similar color, image or vibe.

You might also divide them into smaller groups and put the groups on different wall sections.Β 

How to put a wall collage on the wall

Collage Kit 4x6 inches
Peachy Wall Collage Kit

Draw out an idea of how you would want to put the collage on the wall: where to put your favorite images, how to group the photos, quotes, colors, etc.

Before hanging anything lay it out on the floor, or if you lack free space like I do, start with the section you will put on the wall first.

Make sure you have a piece of paper and pencil handy to do some “measuring” math before putting them on the wall.Β 

Depending on the size of your wall, you might need to start in the middle and go left and right until you run out of images (of course, you can always print some more, if needed).

Measuring the size of the wall beforehand will help you prevent the unfortunate problem of running out of prints on one side of the wall or lacking free space to hang the last images on the side(s).

Putting 100 images on a wall takes time so be patient!

Collage Kits can be put on walls using double-sided tapes, pins, or old scotch tape. The best solution always depends on the structure of the wall. If it is structured, such as brick or has a glossy finish, I recommend blue painters tape.

Digital 8.5x11 Collage Kits
Ocean and City Collage Kit

I am sure that you will enter your room happily after turning it into your creative, personal space! – I know, because I do, since I added wall collages to my room.

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