How to deal with stress as a teen

how to deal with stress as a teen

This is not an expert advice – these are just the things that I do when I feel stressed – not all of them at once of course. If you feel stressed for a longer period of time and nothing helps, please talk to an expert.

When you are on the edge of detonating

1. Swear like no one’s hearing

2. Punch something 

A pillow, the couch, the air.

3. Try spinning

Cycle as fast as you can. As there would be no tomorrow.

4. Chew gum

When chewing our brain thinks we are eating. And we are not eating when we are in danger, right? So the brain waves relax. (Tip: chew strongly in the beginning)

5. Go for a walk

Walk around aimlessly.

When you are calm again but still torn inside

1. Focus on your breathing

stressed? focus on your breathing

In through nose, out through mouth

2. Play with your pet

3. Make lists and to do’s

It helps organizing your thoughts, it is a plan of action if you have a lot of things to do. You will see that some things are not that important, while some take less time to do as you thought.

For me it is better to use paper and pen than my phone, but a phone can do the trick, too.

4. Use a planner

Schedule your time: failing to plan is planning to fail.

I am in love 💕 with digital planning. Here are my WHYs

5. Write it out

Write down your negative thoughts then focus on positive affirmations.

6. Art therapy

Color some coloring books. 

or master Procreate. I 💕 it!

You can’t create and destroy the same time, they say.


7. Try progressive muscle relaxation

PMR is great in combating somatic symptoms (headache, belly problems) and social anxiety.

8. Take supplements

9. Chew on a bunch of veggies

Just try. 

10. Laugh

watch something funny or spend time with funny friends. If you don’t have any, just force yourself in laughing. It will feel strange and weird at first.

11. Say no

Learn to say no – also for yourself. Do not do more than you can handle

12. Stop procrastinating

Stay on top of you tasks and to-dos. Aim for realistic deadlines, work your way down your list gradually.

If you do not want to do anything but you have to, give yourself 5 minutes of concentrated effort to do the job. It is amazing how much can be achievable in just 5 minutes. You will definitely feel better afterwards and who knows, maybe you will not want to stop after the 5 minutes passed.

13. Cuddle

Cuddle someone you love for at least 20 seconds.

Nobody is home? Cuddle your pet. No pet? Cuddle a stuffed toy. No toy? Cuddle a pillow.

14. Listen to soothing music and breath deeply

Listen to the sound of rain or birds. 

No rain, no birds? No problem. You still have Youtube! Find your favorite.

15. Listen to energetic music

and jump around if you feel like to, or box a pillow (before cuddling it)

Or wave your hands around like ya just don’t care!

16. Build a fort

Hide and nap in it

17. Use an online guided relaxation exercise

space relaxation – we are tiny, our problems are tiny compared to space and time, we are connected with present, past and future deep sounds

18. wrap your head tightly

19. wear comfy, soft clothes

20. use calming essential oils

21. eat

But don’t eat trash.

Try salmon, turmeric, chamomile, dark chocolate, yoghurt, green tea,

turkey, bananas, oats – they have tryptophan amino acid in them that promotes relaxation and anxiety relief

chia seeds – omega-3 fatty acids

almonds – vitamin E

blueberries – antioxidants

22. drink tea ceremonially

You can also try drinks that make your skin beautiful and acne-free. Because with a beautiful complexion the whole world seems nicer. 

If you feel the need to go further, try some DIY face masks

23. strech

24. get more sunlight

It boosts serotonin and fresh air is very soothing.

Any weather will do, I love pouring rain the best but wind comes close second.

25. try to avoid watching too much tv

You will regret later that you spent your time with worthless activity.

26. choose a 30 day exercise program and try to stick to it

It doesn’t need to be hard. Just do some moves consistently. It will elevate your mood and boost your confidence. You can do it!

27. Have a lot of green plants in your room and take care of them.

Taking good care of your plant buddies has healthy benefits for everybody involved: your plants 🌱 and you, too! 

Indoor plants 🌱 are commonly used for their aesthetics benefits, but they also have role in reducing pollution in your home! 

Fatigue, headache, stress, and cold have all been connected with bad indoor air quality. 🌱 

Plants 🌱 also act as natural humidifiers. 

So taking care of them is truly a win-win activity. 

 🌱  🌱  🌱 

28. Understand that you don't need to please everybody.

It is impossible to please everyone.

As my Mom always tells me: you can be the most perfect apple in the world if someone likes pears only, you will not have any chance to make them love you.

29. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling.

It is okay to be sad. It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to cry or laugh. Let yourself to feel your emotions.

30. Declutter...

…your desk. And backpack. Your life.

31. Decorate your room...

…as you like it and makes you happy. Make a vision board.

Need some help with decorating? Download my freebie! 

Wall Collage Kit Freebie

32. Cry if you feel like it

33. Do not compare yourself to others

Try to be the better version of yourself, not a better version of someone else.

34. Don't not compare your life to other people's life

Remember, you can change your path always. Go for your dreams.

35. Avoid gossips

Stay away from people who add nothing but drama to your life. Don’t put up with other people’s shit.

36. Stay away from those people who make you feel like you aren't good enough

37. Make a list of 5 things you love doing

Try to include them in your life as often as you can.

38. It is okay if you can’t do everything. Just try. Your effort is enough. You are enough.

39. Schedule things you are looking forward to!

Take things day by day or even hour by hour. Do not focus on things that you can’t control. Do not stress about your future. Concentrate on your present. 

40. Write reviews

Write good reviews for your favorite shops, small businesses, brands. 

Doing good for others will make you feel better. 

Self-care practices against stress

1. Get enough sleep


2. Get your hair done or do your hair yourself. It will make you feel pretty.

3. Wash your hands

Hand washing has psychological effects.

After all, “cleanliness is next to godliness,” and also let’s  “start over with a clean slate.”

4. Get a good nights sleep

Try to sleep in freshly washed bedsheets.

5. Pamper yourself with a hair-care routine and do facials after showering.

Need ideas?

Here are my DIY face mask recipes and hair care routine.

6. Paint your nails to a nice, light color.

7. Take care of your skin

If you have acne-prone skin, take a good care of it! Here is how to do that.

If you need some additional help

Try Woebot. It is a robot therapist app on your phone, made by psychologists. 

The blog posts on its website are also interesting. 

Pixel Thought – a 60 second meditation tool that’s so cool. 

Do nothing for 2 minutes – just listen to the waves. 

Rainy mood – listen as the rain drops. 

Remember: Everything will be fine in the end.

If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.

Thank you so much for reading my post!

You get 1, 000 awesome points.

how to deal with stress as a teen

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